Zentropa Launches New Documentary Division

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Danish film and TV company Zentropa is known for producing award-winning historical dramas and captivating films. However, they are now expanding their horizons and moving into the world of documentary filmmaking. This new venture, called Zentropa Documentary, will be led by experienced documentary filmmaker Nicole Horanyi.

As Zentropa Documentary enters the scene, viewers can expect a fresh take on storytelling through the lens of reality. Nicole Horanyi’s impressive track record in the documentary industry, with credits including Motley’s Law and A Stranger Moves In, demonstrates her expertise in the field. Her vision for the new division is clear – to create impactful narratives that resonate with audiences both nationally and internationally.

Zentropa’s reputation as a powerhouse in the film industry sets a high standard for their new documentary division. With a focus on developing authentic stories that spark dialogue and understanding, Zentropa Documentary aims to make a lasting impact on society. The company’s commitment to collaboration with artistic talents reflects their dedication to producing high-quality content.

According to Zentropa producers Sisse Graum Jorgensen and Louise Vesth, documentary filmmaking is an essential tool for shaping the world we live in. By creating stories that engage audiences and provoke thought, Zentropa Documentary hopes to contribute to Denmark’s impressive position in the documentary film and series production. This new division aligns with the company’s goal of reaching broad audiences and fostering meaningful conversations.

Susan Wendt, Managing Director of sales arm TrustNordisk, highlighted the importance of incorporating documentaries into the company’s portfolio. With a focus on delivering powerful storytelling to global audiences, Zentropa Documentary’s content will find its place in the international market. This expansion opens up new opportunities for collaboration and showcases Denmark’s talent in the documentary genre.

Zentropa’s venture into documentary filmmaking marks a significant milestone for the company. With Nicole Horanyi at the helm of Zentropa Documentary, viewers can expect innovative storytelling and thought-provoking narratives. As Zentropa continues to expand its reach, the launch of this new division promises to be an exciting chapter in the company’s legacy.


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