Will Smith Reminisces About His Canine Co-Star

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Will Smith recently shared his fond memories of working with his canine co-star, Abbey, in the 2007 movie I Am Legend. He described Abbey as “a brilliant actress” and marveled at her ability to understand commands as if she spoke English. Smith expressed his desire to adopt Abbey after filming concluded, but unfortunately, he was unable to do so as she was the breadwinner of her family.

I Am Legend, loosely based on a 1954 novel, follows US Army virologist Robert Neville as the last surviving human in a mutant-filled New York City. Smith’s character’s only companion is his loyal dog, Sam, played by Abbey. Smith recounted a particularly emotional scene where Sam becomes infected and Neville is forced to ultimately put her down. Smith praised Abbey for her ability to portray such a heartbreaking moment convincingly.

In April, Will Smith paid tribute to Abbey on National Pet Day by sharing a touching video montage of their time together. He affectionately referred to Abbey as “the goodness girl” in his caption. Despite their time together on set coming to an end, the bond they shared clearly left a lasting impression on Smith.

It was announced in 2022 that Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan would co-produce and co-star in a sequel to I Am Legend. Jordan recently provided an update, stating that the project is still in progress and the script is being fine-tuned. While there is no set release date yet, Jordan expressed his excitement at the prospect of working with Will Smith, whom he has long admired.

Will Smith’s recollections of his time with Abbey serve as a reminder of the special bond that can be formed between actors and their four-legged co-stars. Abbey’s talent and dedication to her role in I Am Legend left an indelible mark on Smith, and their on-screen chemistry continues to resonate with audiences. As the sequel to the hit film remains in the works, fans of the original can look forward to seeing Smith and Jordan share the screen in what is sure to be another thrilling installment in the I Am Legend franchise.


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