Warner Bros Discovery’s 2024 Paris Olympic Games Coverage Plans

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Warner Bros Discovery is gearing up for an unparalleled coverage of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. The company has unveiled its plans for “wall-to-wall” coverage of the Olympics, which is set to kick off later this month in the French capital. Eurosport, a subsidiary of Warner Bros Discovery, will be broadcasting the games across 47 markets in 19 languages through various platforms such as Max and Discovery+. This extensive coverage will amount to a whopping 3,800 hours, with every single moment of the events being streamed. This includes all 329 medal ceremonies, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies being offered in HDR.

One of the highlights of Warner Bros Discovery’s coverage plans is the presenting line-up that they have put together for the Olympics. The team includes a mix of TV talent and sports stars from various European countries. Notable names such as Boris Becker, Tom Daley, and Carolina Klüft will be part of the presenting team. These personalities will be reporting from a studio set up on a rooftop near the Eiffel Tower, in addition to local market studios. The total number of commentators across Warner Bros Discovery’s coverage is set to reach 400, ensuring in-depth analysis and insights throughout the games.

Enhanced Streaming Experience

On the streaming side, Warner Bros Discovery is taking things up a notch by providing viewers with a personalized experience. Each of the 32 Olympic sports will have their own dedicated page where users can add specific events to their watchlist through Max. Gold medal alerts will notify viewers of upcoming events, ensuring they do not miss any key moments. Additionally, 15 sports will have timeline marker features, allowing users to navigate to important moments quickly. A mix of live events, highlights, and additional coverage will be available on simulcasts of Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 through the apps.

Warner Bros Discovery is not just focusing on the main events, but also on providing viewers with behind-the-scenes content to enhance their overall Olympic experience. Snapchat content will take fans behind the scenes, offering a glimpse of what goes on beyond the competition. A free daily show will be available for viewers in the UK and France, allowing them to get a closer look at the athletes and the games. Additionally, Looney Tunes characters will offer explainers on what it takes to succeed in various sports through their “Sports Made Simple” shorts.

Exciting Original Content

In addition to the live coverage, Warner Bros Discovery is set to launch a Eurosport-produced documentary titled “4 August – An Olympic Odyssey.” This documentary will delve into some of the most monumental moments in Olympic history, providing viewers with insights and stories behind these iconic events. From Jesse Owens’ triumph in 1936 to Team GB’s success at London 2012, the documentary promises to be a captivating watch for Olympic fans.

Scott Young, Group SVP Content, Production, and Business Operations at Warner Bros Discovery Sports Europe, emphasized the company’s commitment to delivering top-class coverage of the Olympics. With a team of over 100 Olympians from across Europe, Warner Bros Discovery aims to provide fans with unparalleled insight, analysis, and entertainment over the course of the games. The ultimate Olympic companion experience will be available on Max and Discovery+, offering fans a comprehensive and immersive viewing experience like never before.

Warner Bros Discovery’s coverage plans for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games are shaping up to be nothing short of extraordinary. With extensive live coverage, behind-the-scenes content, and exciting original programming, the company is set to take Olympic viewing to new heights. Fans can look forward to a truly immersive and engaging experience as they follow their favorite athletes and nations compete on the world’s biggest stage.


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