Unveiling the Mystery Behind Huma Abedin’s Relationship with Alex Soros

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Could it be that Huma Abedin and Alex Soros are intentionally keeping their romance out of the limelight? Despite their cozy Valentine’s Day in Paris, the two seem to be avoiding any public displays of affection back home. Abedin recently attended the opening night of “The Wiz” on Broadway, but Soros was noticeably absent. However, sources claim that they are still together, even though they are not seen out in public together often.

Abedin, known for her role as a private aide to Hillary Clinton, surprised many when she posted a photo of herself and Soros cuddled up in a Parisian restaurant. This public display of affection raised eyebrows among high society insiders who were asked to keep the relationship under wraps. Despite the Instagram post, Abedin continues to make solo appearances at social events, such as book launches and Broadway shows.

During the opening night of “The Wiz” on Broadway, Abedin embraced the night’s theme by wearing a stunning green outfit. The event brought together VIPs, including original cast members, and guests were encouraged to wear green or yellow to represent different elements of the show. The night ended with a powerful performance by Nichelle Lewis and a standing ovation led by Stephanie Mills, the original Dorothy.

Following the show, guests gathered at the Hard Rock Café for an afterparty. While Abedin’s presence was noted, Soros was once again missing from the scene. The night of celebration and nostalgia for Broadway’s beloved “The Wiz” cast seemed to bring together a mix of old and new faces in the entertainment industry.

The enigmatic relationship between Huma Abedin and Alex Soros continues to intrigue the public. Despite their occasional public appearances together, the couple remains mostly out of the spotlight. As Abedin navigates the social scene solo, one can only wonder about the true nature of her bond with Soros and what the future holds for this political power couple.


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