The Unconventional Challenges of Chace Crawford in The Boys

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Chace Crawford, known for his role in Gossip Girl, faced unexpected challenges when he joined the cast of The Boys. The actor recently confessed that if he had known about the bizarre nature of his character, The Deep, he might have had second thoughts about taking the role. The revelation of his character’s sexual relationship with an octopus named Ambrosius caught him off guard, leading to initial apprehension and doubts.

When the script called for Crawford to film intimate scenes with the peculiar sea creature, he found himself in a state of denial. The first time he had to shoot a sex scene with the octopus, he almost had a panic attack. The uncertainty surrounding how the scene would be shot, the level of nudity required, and the overall execution of such a peculiar scenario left him feeling anxious and apprehensive.

Fortunately, showrunner Eric Kripke provided Crawford with the support and reassurance he needed to tackle the challenging scenes. Despite having a million things on his plate, Kripke made himself available to address Crawford’s concerns and make adjustments to accommodate his comfort level. The collaborative effort between the actor and the show’s creator helped mitigate some of the initial reservations Crawford had about the unconventional scenes.

Despite the initial doubts and concerns, the unusual scenes featuring Crawford’s character and the octopus were surprisingly well-received by audiences. The actor shared an encounter at the gym where a fan enthusiastically showed him a picture of himself dressed as The Deep with a pink octopus at a Comic-Con event. The positive feedback and appreciation from fans reassured Crawford that taking on such a unique role was ultimately worth it.

The decision to have acclaimed actress Tilda Swinton voice the octopus character came as a surprise to many. Show creator Eric Kripke revealed that the writers aimed to secure a distinguished British actress for the role, ultimately landing on Swinton due to her prestigious reputation in the industry. The unexpected casting choice added an element of intrigue and sophistication to the character of Ambrosius.

Chace Crawford’s experience on The Boys exemplifies the challenges and rewards of taking on unconventional roles in the entertainment industry. Despite initial reservations and uncertainties, the actor’s commitment to the character and the collaborative efforts of the show’s creators resulted in a memorable and well-received performance. The unconventional nature of the character and storyline only added to the appeal and success of the series.


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