The Truth Behind Kiss Of The Con Queen

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The film Kiss Of The Con Queen is the first feature inspired by the life of Hargobind Tahilramani, who has been dubbed the “con queen of Hollywood” due to his elaborate fraud scheme. The movie stars Ravi Patel, well-known for his roles in Wonder Woman 1984 and Animal Patrol. Directed by Tom Waller, the film is based on the true story of Irish writer-actor Eoin O’Brien and his encounters with Tahilramani. The movie has garnered attention and critical acclaim since its recent premiere at the Sunscreen Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Florida.

In a recent statement, O’Brien mentioned that the film is a testament to the survivors of Tahilramani’s scam, highlighting the resilience of those who refused to be victimized by the con artist. Despite the hardships faced, O’Brien was able to turn his nightmare into a dream come true by producing a film based on his experiences. The movie serves as a symbol of justice for all those who have been affected by Tahilramani’s actions.

Hargobind Tahilramani, the real-life “con queen of Hollywood,” has faced legal repercussions for his fraudulent activities. In June 2023, a UK court ruled that the 43-year-old could be extradited to the US to face charges related to his scheme. Tahilramani is accused of defrauding more than 300 victims, including actors and screenwriters, out of more than one million dollars through a complex and deceitful scheme. Following his arrest in Manchester in 2020, Tahilramani has been held in a London prison awaiting legal proceedings.

Tahilramani’s methods of deception included impersonating prominent Hollywood figures, such as producer Megan Ellison and executive Amy Pascal, in order to lure industry professionals into fraudulent schemes. By convincing individuals to travel to Indonesia for non-existent projects and then charging them substantial fees and expenses, Tahilramani was able to exploit his victims for financial gain. The extent of his manipulation and deceit has left a lasting impact on those who fell victim to his schemes.

The narrative of Kiss Of The Con Queen sheds light on the experiences of those who have been targeted by fraudsters like Tahilramani. Through the film, audiences gain insight into the emotional rollercoaster faced by survivors of such scams and the journey towards reclaiming justice and closure. O’Brien’s determination to share his story on the silver screen serves as a beacon of hope for others who have been affected by similar acts of deception.

Kiss Of The Con Queen offers a compelling portrayal of the real-life events surrounding Hargobind Tahilramani and his fraudulent activities. The film not only brings awareness to the plight of those who have been victimized but also serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience and strength exhibited by survivors in the face of adversity. By shedding light on the dark side of the entertainment industry, this movie urges viewers to remain vigilant and cautious in their interactions, ensuring that they do not fall prey to similar schemes in the future.


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