The Possibility of Chris Pratt Joining the DC Universe

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Chris Pratt, known for his role in the MCU as Star-Lord, has recently expressed his openness to the idea of potentially joining the DC Universe. After a visit to the set of Superman: Legacy directed by James Gunn, Pratt hinted at the possibility but remained reserved when it came to specifying a character he would like to portray. Instead, he left the decision in the hands of the fans and industry professionals.

When questioned directly about the prospect of transitioning to the DC Universe, Pratt did not hesitate to express his interest. He mentioned that if the opportunity aligned with his schedule and made sense, he would love to explore new roles within the DC franchise. Despite his enjoyment of playing Star-Lord in the MCU, Pratt emphasized his gratitude for being considered for such opportunities and expressed his willingness to engage with projects that fans would appreciate.

The connection between Chris Pratt and director James Gunn dates back to their collaboration in the MCU, specifically in the Guardians of the Galaxy films and the Avengers series. Gunn, who is currently working on Superman: Legacy in the DC Universe, shared a photo of Pratt on set, indicating a continued friendship and professional relationship between the two.

With James Gunn at the helm of DC Studios, the possibility of a crossover between the MCU and DC Universe seems more feasible. Gunn has expressed openness to casting MCU actors in his DC projects, hinting at a potential intermingling of the two comic book worlds in the future. While the director acknowledges the discussions surrounding this crossover, he also emphasizes the need to establish the direction of DC projects before considering such collaborations.

Chris Pratt’s contemplation of joining the DC Universe adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing evolution of superhero franchises. As fans speculate about the potential characters Pratt could embody in the DC Universe, his openness to new opportunities and collaborations with James Gunn signal a dynamic shift in the landscape of comic book adaptations. Whether Pratt will indeed make the leap from the MCU to the DCU remains uncertain, but his willingness to explore new horizons showcases his versatility as an actor in the realm of superhero storytelling.


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