The Ongoing Battle: AI vs Creativity in the Entertainment Industry

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The entertainment industry has always been a place of innovation and creativity, but with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), that landscape is shifting rapidly. Union negotiator John August recently spoke at an AVPSummit panel about the ongoing battle between AI and creativity, highlighting the grave threat that AI-generated videos and images pose to artists and professionals in the industry. Despite the WGA securing AI guardrails in their latest deal, the threat is far from over.

August noted that the real danger lies not with the big giants in the industry, but with smaller companies leveraging AI technology to create content that competes for viewer time and attention. He expressed concerns about AI tools eventually replacing a significant portion of the work that artists and creators currently do. As someone with a background in writing, August particularly emphasized the impact AI-generated content could have on writers’ ability to secure work in the future.

The Impact on Jobs and Creativity

As AI technology continues to advance, there is a growing concern about the impact it will have on jobs in the entertainment industry. August raised the crucial question of where the boundary lies between content created by AI to present a project and the project itself. He worried that the increasing reliance on AI could ultimately lead to a scenario where traditional skills and creativity are no longer valued or needed.

Looking back at the 2023 labor action, when writers and actors protested over these very issues, August emphasized that these concerns are not going away. The collaboration between various industry unions to push for new legislative measures around AI reflects the growing recognition of the need to regulate and monitor the use of AI in creative processes.

Damien Viel, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at Banijay, provided a different perspective on the use of AI in the entertainment industry. He stressed the importance of transparency and honesty in using AI technology, asserting that AI is not inherently creative but generative. Viel highlighted the potential benefits of AI in streamlining production processes and reducing costs, allowing creatives more time to focus on their projects.

Viel’s experience at a 100% AI-generated concert in Paris showcased the capabilities of AI technology, but also highlighted its limitations. While AI can assist in certain aspects of content creation, there is still a fundamental difference between human creativity and machine-generated output. The balance between leveraging AI for efficiency and preserving the authenticity of creative work remains a key challenge for the industry.

As technology continues to evolve, the entertainment industry faces a critical juncture in balancing AI-driven innovation with the essence of human creativity. The experiences shared by industry experts like John August and Damien Viel shed light on the complex dynamics at play. While AI offers exciting possibilities for enhancing production processes and content creation, it also raises fundamental questions about the role of creativity and originality in the creative landscape.

Moving forward, it is essential for industry stakeholders to engage in ongoing dialogues and collaborations to navigate the challenges posed by AI. By exploring new ways to harness the power of AI while upholding the core principles of artistic expression, the industry can chart a path towards a future where technology and creativity coexist harmoniously. The ongoing battle between AI and creativity may be far from over, but it is within the collective efforts of artists, creators, and industry leaders that the true potential of innovation can be realized.


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