The New Team at Neon: A Change in International Marketing and Sales

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Neon, the renowned film distribution company, has recently made significant additions to its team. Joey Monteiro has been appointed as the EVP of International Marketing, bringing with him over 25 years of experience in the industry. Prior to joining Neon, Monteiro held the position of EVP of Marketing and Publicity at Sierra-Affinity/eOne, where he oversaw the marketing of several acclaimed films. In addition to Monteiro, Ashley Hirsch has joined Neon as the Manager of International Sales and Marketing, further strengthening the company’s global presence.

A Rich Background in Marketing

Joey Monteiro’s impressive career includes working on marketing campaigns for Academy Award-winning films such as “Drive,” “Whiplash,” and “I, Tonya.” His previous roles at Warner Brothers Pictures and Lionsgate have equipped him with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in his new position at Neon. Ashley Hirsch, who previously worked alongside Monteiro at Sierra-Affinity/eOne, brings a wealth of experience in marketing and PR to her new role.

Both Joey Monteiro and Ashley Hirsch will report directly to Kristen Figeroid, the President of International Sales and Distribution at Neon. Figeroid, who joined Neon last year after a successful tenure at Sierra-Affinity/eOne, will oversee the continued growth of the company’s international sales arm. The cohesive structure of the team indicates a strong focus on collaboration and innovation in the marketing and sales departments.

Neon’s upcoming slate of films showcases the company’s commitment to bringing unique and innovative content to audiences worldwide. Projects such as “Presence” and “They Follow” have already garnered significant attention, with international sales rights being represented by Neon at EFM this year. Additionally, the company will premiere “Anora In Competition” at the Cannes Film Festival, solidifying its presence on the global stage.

Neon’s recent release, “Immaculate,” starring Sydney Sweeney, has achieved remarkable success at the box office. Breaking records for the company’s highest-grossing opening weekend and remaining in the top 10 for three weeks, “Immaculate” has proven to be a commercial and critical success for Neon. The film’s reception is a testament to the effective marketing and distribution strategies employed by the new team at Neon.

The addition of Joey Monteiro and Ashley Hirsch to Neon’s marketing and sales team signals a new era of growth and innovation for the company. With a strong focus on collaboration and a lineup of exciting projects in the pipeline, Neon is poised to make a significant impact on the global film industry. Watch this space for more updates on Neon’s future endeavors.


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