The Merger of Betty TV and Triple Brew Media: A New Chapter for Objective Media Group

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In a strategic move, All3Media’s Objective Media Group has made the decision to consolidate two well-known UK indies, Betty TV and Triple Brew Media, into a new, single label. This major restructure within Objective’s unscripted business will bring together the combined slate of both production companies, which includes popular shows like The Cube, Lingo, Wheeler Dealers, and the Bear Grylls series Bear’s Mission. As a result of this merger, the familiar Betty and Triple Brew labels will cease to exist, leading to potential job losses within the organization.

A Look at Triple Brew Media and Betty TV

Triple Brew Media, specializing in quiz and gameshow content, was established in 2019 and has been led by industry veterans Ben Shephard, Becca Walker, and Ed De Burgh. The production company has been behind successful shows such as Lingo, The Cube, and the Alan Carr-hosted gameshow Picture Slam. Additionally, the US version of Lingo, hosted by Rupaul Charles, is set to premiere on CBS later this month.

On the other hand, Betty TV was acquired by All3Media in 2017 and has a track record of producing popular shows like Wheeler Dealers, The Undateables, and Bear’s Mission. The indie has also collaborated with celebrities such as Fred Sirieix and Gino D’Acampo. Betty TV, led by David Harrison and Helen Cooke, has been a significant player in the UK production landscape.

The Future of Objective Media Group

Objective Media Group, with its diverse portfolio of scripted, factual, and entertainment labels, has been a prominent name in the UK production industry since its acquisition by All3Media in 2007. Following the merger of Betty TV and Triple Brew Media, the combined entity will operate under a new, unified label. This move is part of a larger strategic restructure aimed at streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency across the unscripted division.

Despite the challenging times faced by the UK production sector, including tightening budgets and decreased commission opportunities, Objective Media Group remains committed to delivering high-quality content to audiences worldwide. With this merger, the company is poised to leverage the strengths of both Betty TV and Triple Brew Media to create a new chapter of growth and innovation within the organization.


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