The Making of Inside Out 2: A Deep Dive into the Sequel

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Nearly a decade after the original film hit theaters, Pixar embarked on the journey of creating a sequel to Inside Out. The animation required significant updates to bring the beloved characters and story back to life for Inside Out 2. The team consisted of a mix of new and returning craftspeople who worked tirelessly to reimagine the world and introduce a new set of emotions to tell a compelling new story.

Inside Out 2 takes viewers back into the mind of Riley Anderson as she navigates her teenage years and the complexities of puberty. The sequel introduces a crew of new emotions, including Anxiety, to shake up the balance that Joy had established in Riley’s mind. The release date for Inside Out 2 is set for June 14, 2024, promising an exciting continuation of the original story.

Working on a sequel comes with its own set of challenges, as explained by story artist Rebecca McVeigh. The team faced the task of staying faithful to the original characters while also bringing something new and fresh to the story. For cinematographer Adam Habib, revisiting old techniques and exploring new visual themes provided an opportunity to enhance the sequel’s overall cinematic experience.

Production designer Jason Deamer highlighted the technological advancements that posed a challenge in recreating the characters from scratch for the sequel. The use of updated software tools allowed the team to refine the characters’ appearance and details, such as Sadness’ sweater, which underwent a transformation using advanced animation techniques.

Director Kelsey Mann’s clear vision for the film served as a guiding light for the team to bring forward new ideas and explore themes like Anxiety. The introduction of Anxiety as a character brought both excitement and challenges for the animation supervisors Evan Bonifacio and Dovi Anderson, who had to craft her movements and expressions meticulously to resonate with the audience.

Editor Maurissa Horwitz faced the task of finding a new rhythm for the edit to suit each emotion that takes charge in the film. Adjusting the pacing and energy levels to match the personalities of the new emotions, like Anxiety, Embarrassment, and Envy, required a delicate balance to keep the audience engaged and immersed in the story.

The making of Inside Out 2 was a journey filled with creative challenges and technological advancements that pushed the boundaries of animation storytelling. The team’s dedication to staying true to the original while introducing fresh ideas and characters has culminated in a sequel that promises to captivate audiences and continue the legacy of the beloved franchise. As Inside Out 2 hits theaters, viewers can embark on a new emotional adventure with Riley and her colorful cast of emotions.


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