The Launch of Jodi Matterson’s Silent Firework: A New Venture in Storytelling

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Jodi Matterson, known for her work at Made Up Stories alongside Bruna Papandrea and Steve Hutensky, has taken a bold step in her career by leaving the well-established production house to start her own venture. Her new business, Silent Firework, is set to operate out of Australia and aims to continue telling captivating stories with both old and new collaborators. Matterson expressed her excitement about this new challenge and acknowledged the impact that Made Up Stories has had on her professional journey. As the CEO and producer of Silent Firework, she is ready to embark on this new chapter in her life.

Having worked closely with Papandrea and Hutensky for seven years, Matterson has been a key figure in the creation of TV series and films such as “Wolf Like Me,” “The Dry,” and “Nine Perfect Strangers” season one. Her involvement in securing the rights to Jane Harper’s novel “The Dry” was a turning point in her career, leading to the production of the company’s first film, “Little Monsters.” Made Up Stories initially started in LA but expanded its operations to include Australia, thanks to Matterson’s contribution. The success of projects like “Strife” and “The Last Anniversary” in Australia has solidified the company’s presence in the region.

A Farewell to Made Up Stories

As Matterson departs from Made Up Stories, co-founders Papandrea and Hutensky expressed their gratitude for her partnership over the years. Her role in establishing the company’s presence in Australia has been instrumental in its growth across multiple regions. While her departure marks the end of an era for Made Up Stories, it also signifies a new beginning for Matterson as she ventures into the world of independent storytelling through Silent Firework. The team at Made Up Stories wishes her the best in her future endeavors.

While details about Silent Firework are still scarce, the company’s registration with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission in April indicates that preparations for its launch are well underway. With projects like “Nine Perfect Strangers” season two and “Strife” season two in the works, Matterson’s new venture is poised to make a significant impact in the world of entertainment. The upcoming collaborations and projects at Silent Firework are highly anticipated, and audiences are eager to see the next chapter in Matterson’s storytelling journey unfold.

The launch of Silent Firework marks a significant milestone in Jodi Matterson’s career. Her decision to pursue independent storytelling outside of Made Up Stories highlights her confidence and vision for the future. As she sets out to create bold and entertaining stories with Silent Firework, audiences can expect a fresh perspective and innovative storytelling techniques from this seasoned producer and CEO. The industry will be watching closely as Matterson’s new venture takes flight and solidifies her position as a dynamic force in the world of filmmaking and production.


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