The Joy of a Mother: Lorraine Kelly’s Daughter Rosie Gets Engaged

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Lorraine Kelly couldn’t contain her joy when she revealed the news of her daughter Rosie’s engagement. During an appearance on Good Morning Britain, the 64-year-old presenter gushed about the surprise proposal and expressed her admiration for Rosie’s fiancé, Steve.

According to Lorraine, Steve had been keeping the engagement ring for quite some time before popping the question. He went the traditional route of asking for Lorraine’s husband’s permission before getting down on one knee. Lorraine jokingly shared that it can get confusing when she calls out “Steve” and both her husband and soon-to-be son-in-law turn around.

Rosie, who is currently pregnant with her first child, took to Instagram to announce her engagement to Steve during their babymoon. Her heartfelt post expressed her excitement and gratitude towards her partner, as well as the jeweler who helped design the beautiful ring.

In addition to the engagement news, Rosie confirmed her pregnancy back in April and later shared that she was expecting a baby girl. Lorraine described the moment she felt the baby kick for the first time as extraordinary, making the pregnancy feel even more real for her.

Rosie’s pregnancy came as a surprise to the family, with Lorraine admitting that she had a mother’s intuition about the situation. Rosie discovered she was pregnant on New Year’s Eve, right after purchasing alcohol and a platter of cold meats that she could no longer indulge in.

Both Lorraine and Rosie’s father, Steve, were overjoyed by the news of the engagement and pregnancy. Lorraine couldn’t help but shed tears of happiness upon learning the exciting news and is looking forward to welcoming Steve into the family.

Lorraine Kelly’s daughter Rosie’s engagement and pregnancy have brought immense joy to the family. As they prepare for the arrival of a new member and plan for a wedding, it is evident that love and excitement fill their hearts.


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