The Journey of Carnie Wilson: A Weight Loss Experience

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Carnie Wilson, a well-known singer, recently shared her weight loss journey with Astra in the Page Six studio. Despite losing over 40 pounds, Wilson stated that she is not willing to take the Ozempic route or use weight-loss drugs to aid in her weight loss journey. She expressed her concerns about potential side effects and the fear of taking risks with her health.

Wilson revealed that weight loss has been a lifelong struggle for her, even after undergoing two major medical interventions in the past. She underwent gastric bypass surgery in 1999 and a Lap-Band procedure in 2012. However, she emphasized that weight loss ultimately comes down to simple mathematics – consuming fewer calories leads to weight loss while excess calories result in weight gain.

Diet as the Key to Success

The singer attributed her recent weight loss success to a strict diet regimen. Wilson revealed that her weight loss was primarily achieved through diet control, including consuming specific types of cheese, brown rice, vegetables, salads, and beets. She emphasized the importance of home-cooked meals, meal preparation, increased water intake, and light exercise such as walking as part of her weight loss strategy.

In addition to her diet control, Wilson also credited her weight loss to cutting out sugar and gluten from her diet. Despite missing her favorite guilty pleasure foods like chewy bagels, she remained committed to her dietary restrictions. Wilson acknowledged the challenges of transitioning to a gluten-free diet but persevered in her weight loss journey.

Experiences of Fat-Shaming

Wilson recalled being fat-shamed by Howard Stern during a television appearance in 1997. She described a humiliating moment when she was unknowingly weighed on a scale before going on the show, with the number displayed for all to see. Wilson expressed her unease with the deliberate attempt to shame her and recounted Stern’s insensitive remarks about her weight during the interview.

Carnie Wilson’s weight loss journey serves as an inspiration for many individuals struggling with their weight. Despite facing challenges and past experiences of fat-shaming, Wilson remained resilient in her commitment to achieving a healthier lifestyle through diet control and exercise. By sharing her story, Wilson highlights the importance of self-acceptance, perseverance, and dedication in the pursuit of personal well-being.


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