The Importance of Kindness Over Intelligence and Physical Appearance: Lessons from Victoria Beckham

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Fashion designer Victoria Beckham recently shared some heartening advice for her daughter Harper, emphasizing the importance of kindness over intelligence and physical appearance. In an interview with France Inter, Victoria revealed that she often reminds her 12-year-old daughter to focus on being kind, working hard, and believing in herself. According to Victoria, it’s not about being the cleverest or the prettiest, but about being the kindest person and not accepting a no. This valuable lesson in kindness and resilience is something that Harper seems to be taking to heart as she grows up in the fashion-forward Beckham family.

Harper appears to be following in her stylish mother’s footsteps, showing a keen interest in fashion at a young age. While Victoria has her own successful eponymous label, Harper has already expressed her fascination with makeup and clothes, often joining her mother at fashion shows. During a 2016 interview with This Morning in New York Fashion Week, Victoria mentioned how Harper loves beauty and enjoys playing with makeup, creating a special mother-daughter bonding experience. Despite being very girly and feminine, Harper also loves running around with her brothers and playing football, showcasing her versatility and interests beyond traditional gender roles.

In addition to Harper, Victoria and her husband David Beckham share three sons – Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz. While Brooklyn and Romeo have ventured out on their own, the Beckhams divide their time between their homes in London and the Cotswolds, creating a balance between city life and countryside tranquility. Their Cotswolds estate is a picturesque haven with various amenities, including vegetable patches, a chicken coop, an outdoor swimming pool, and a treehouse worth £100k for their children’s enjoyment. David has expressed his desire for an escape through their countryside retreat, seeking a peaceful sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Victoria reminisced about her own childhood experiences, watching her glamorous mother get ready and develop an interest in makeup and fashion. This connection to her past has shaped her relationship with Harper, engaging in similar activities and bonding over shared interests. The Beckhams prioritize family time and creating lasting memories with their children, instilling values of hard work, kindness, and self-belief in each of them. By nurturing Harper’s passion for beauty and fashion, Victoria is passing down her love for creativity and self-expression to the next generation.

Victoria Beckham’s advice to Harper about the importance of kindness, hard work, and self-belief serves as a powerful reminder of values that transcend intelligence and physical appearance. As Harper navigates her journey into adolescence and beyond, she carries with her the wisdom and guidance of her mother, shaping her into a compassionate and confident individual. The Beckham family’s dynamic and loving bond exemplifies the beauty of nurturing individual interests, fostering self-discovery, and cherishing moments that strengthen family connections. By prioritizing kindness and resilience, Victoria and Harper set an inspiring example for others to follow in their pursuit of personal growth and fulfillment.


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