The Impact of Indonesia’s Film Matchfund on the Film Industry

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Indonesia’s debut government-funded film grant, Film Matchfund, has recently announced the selection of four projects to receive financial support. This $13M annual fund, established last year at the Cannes Film Festival, aims to boost the country’s film industry by providing funding for creative and innovative projects.

Selected Projects

The four projects chosen to receive support from Film Matchfund are diverse in nature, ranging from director Mouly Surya’s This City is a Battlefield to director Loeloe Hendra’s Tale of The Land. These projects have also garnered international support from various grants, totaling around $1.5M, which will be matched by Film Matchfund.

Hilmar Farid, Indonesia’s director-general of Culture, emphasized the importance of this funding scheme in supporting Indonesian filmmakers and expanding their international networks. The government hopes that by raising the standards of Indonesian films to international levels, the industry will grow and tell unique stories about Indonesia’s diversity to the world.

The Indonesian film category under the Film Matchfund scheme supports co-productions between local and foreign filmmakers, covering various costs related to film production. This includes story development, research, production, post-production, promotion, and distribution incentives.

Alex Sihar, Special Staff to the Director-General of Culture, highlighted the interest of foreign parties in collaborating with Indonesian producers through the matching fund scheme. This collaboration opens up opportunities for Indonesian filmmakers to learn from international experts and enhance their skills to meet global standards.

The four pilot projects selected for funding through Film Matchfund are just the beginning of a larger initiative to support and develop Indonesia’s film industry. By leveraging international grants and partnerships, Indonesian filmmakers have the potential to create impactful and culturally significant films that resonate with audiences worldwide.


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