The Future of Film Industry Events: The Rise of The American Film Convention

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In the world of independent filmmaking, networking and exposure are key factors in a filmmaker’s success. With the upcoming launch of The American Film Convention (AFC) in Los Angeles, there is a new opportunity for filmmakers to connect, learn, and showcase their work. CEO and founder Mitesh Patel is aiming to create a comprehensive event that combines a market, auction, conference, workshop, pitch fest, networking event, and entertainment all in one place. The ambition behind AFC is to fill the gap left by the departing AFM and provide a platform for filmmakers to thrive.

The AFC will be held at Magic Box in Downtown Los Angeles, offering over 100,000 square feet of exhibition space for 400 exhibitors and participants. The event is expected to draw around 5,000 delegates in its first year, creating a bustling hub of creativity and collaboration. The venue is described as versatile, able to accommodate trade shows, conferences, screenings, and more. Patel’s vision for the convention includes building out screening facilities to enhance the experience for attendees.

With industry veteran Jon Fitzgerald on board as Director of Workshops and Conferences, AFC is set to offer a variety of programs and opportunities for industry professionals. Patel envisions AFC as an innovative entity that aims to revitalize the global film industry and bring the focus back to Los Angeles. The convention is designed to be inclusive, welcoming filmmakers of all levels and backgrounds to participate and engage in the community.

Whether you are a cinematographer, director, actor, writer, producer, or distributor, AFC promises to have something for everyone. The convention is open to filmmakers of all budgets and stages of production, creating a space for collaboration and innovation. Patel emphasizes the importance of creating fresh and innovative programs that supplement the current industry gathering landscape, rather than supplanting it. AFC is dedicated to expanding the way industry professionals engage, collaborate, and innovate within the filmed entertainment realm.

For those interested in attending AFC, early bird passes are available for $325, with exhibition space starting at $3,250. This pricing structure aims to make the event accessible to a wide range of filmmakers and industry professionals. The goal is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where talent and creativity can shine.

The upcoming launch of The American Film Convention marks a new chapter in the world of independent filmmaking. With a fresh vision, a diverse range of programming, and accessible pricing, AFC is poised to become a premier destination for filmmakers looking to connect, collaborate, and showcase their work. As the landscape of film industry events evolves, AFC stands out as a beacon of innovation and opportunity for filmmakers around the world.


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