The Expansion of 5X Media in Europe

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5X Media, under the leadership of Alon Shtruzman and Gil Goldschein, is making a strategic move towards expansion in Europe. The studio has announced a partnership with ex-Queer Eye and Wife Swap producer, Michael Kaufman, to launch operations in Madrid. This step marks a significant milestone in the growth trajectory of 5X Media as it looks to capitalize on the burgeoning international media landscape.

Key Players in the Expansion

With the addition of Michael Kaufman to their team, 5X Media is bringing on board a wealth of experience and expertise in the industry. Kaufman’s portfolio includes successful projects like Queer Eye, Wife Swap, and Bubble Guppies, showcasing his versatility across genres. His recent collaboration with Madrid’s Secoya Studios further underscores his commitment to fostering creative talent in diverse markets.

The expansion into Europe has already attracted a roster of esteemed clients to 5X Media. Notable names such as Juan Carballo, Anne Clements, the Lehrer Brothers, Paul Kampf, and 2Team Productions have joined forces with the studio. Projects like “Undercard” starring Wanda Sykes and “Harvest” featuring Matthew McNulty and Angus Macfadyen are currently in production, adding to the studio’s growing portfolio of content.

5X Media’s co-CEOs, Shtruzman and Goldschein, along with Executive Chairman Einbinder, have emphasized the importance of rapid global expansion in today’s competitive media landscape. The studio’s vision of becoming a borderless production studio, sales, and management company aligns with the increasing demand for high-quality content across international platforms.

The recent partnership with Anthony Kimble and Arrested Industries further solidifies 5X Media’s commitment to international production and talent representation. By leveraging the expertise of industry veterans like Kaufman and Kimble, the studio is poised to create compelling content that resonates with audiences worldwide.

5X Media’s foray into Europe marks a significant milestone in its journey towards becoming a global powerhouse in the media industry. With a strong lineup of clients, an experienced team, and a strategic vision for expansion, the studio is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for quality content in today’s dynamic entertainment landscape.


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