The End of a Chapter: Stephen and Daniel Lustig-Webb Announce Divorce

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Stephen and Daniel Lustig-Webb have made the difficult decision to end their marriage after six years. In a statement to The Sun, Stephen expressed his sadness over the divorce, stating, “It’s with much sadness Daniel and I have decided to divorce.” Daniel added, “We’ve made the decision with a very heavy heart to confirm our marriage has come to an end.” Despite the separation, the couple emphasized that there is still a lot of love between them and that they will remain friends.

Stephen first gained recognition on the popular TV show Gogglebox in 2013, where he appeared alongside his friend and former partner Chris Steed. After tying the knot with Daniel in 2018, the couple joined the show together in 2019, giving viewers a glimpse into their lives at their Brighton flat. However, in a surprising turn of events, Stephen announced their departure from Gogglebox in 2023, stating that it was time to explore other opportunities.

As co-owners of the salon, Lustig and Webb in Storrington, the divorce raises questions about the future of their business venture. It remains unclear how the split will affect their professional partnership and whether any changes will be made to the salon operations. Fans of the couple and customers of the salon are left wondering about the potential implications of the divorce on their joint business.

A Change in Plans: Dancing on Ice

Following their exit from Gogglebox, Stephen was slated to appear on series 14 of Dancing on Ice. However, a setback occurred when he suffered an ankle injury during training, forcing him to withdraw from the competition. Stephen expressed his disappointment over leaving the show, as he had been enjoying the experience of learning to skate. Despite the setback, he remains supportive of the other contestants and professionals on the show.

A Look Towards the Future

As Stephen and Daniel navigate this new chapter in their lives, they are faced with uncertainties about what the future holds. While their decision to divorce marks the end of their marriage, they are committed to maintaining a friendship and moving forward with respect and understanding. The couple’s loyal fan base will undoubtedly be following their journey post-divorce, wishing them both happiness and fulfillment in their individual paths.

The announcement of Stephen and Daniel Lustig-Webb’s divorce marks a significant moment in their personal and professional lives. As they part ways and embark on new beginnings, the impact of their decision will be felt by those closest to them and their supporters. Despite the challenges ahead, Stephen and Daniel have made it clear that their bond and friendship will endure, serving as a reminder of the love and respect that once united them.


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