The Dark Side of Dadfluencers: Unveiling the Thriller Series “Influence”

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In a world where social media influencers dominate our screens, A+E Media Group is delving into the dark side of this phenomenon with their new thriller series, “Influence.” This collaboration with Raw, the producers of “The Tinder Swindler,” promises to deliver a gripping narrative centered around a character known as Andrew Cosgrove, a Dadfluencer with a Don Draper-esque charm.

Andrew Cosgrove has carefully curated the image of a successful family man, turning his loved ones into an international brand. However, the facade crumbles when his youngest daughter, Sophie, is kidnapped. Now, Andrew must confront his past and face the consequences of his actions if he is to save his family from further harm.

A+E Media Group’s decision to invest in international co-productions like “Influence” showcases a strategic shift towards diverse and compelling content. Alongside this thriller series, the network is also venturing into projects like “The Kollective” and a series adaptation of Tony Parsons’ novel “Your Neighbour’s Wife.”

While Raw is renowned for its premium documentaries, such as “Don’t F**k with Cats” and “The Tinder Swindler,” the production company is now stepping into the scripted territory with projects like “Influence.” This expansion reflects the growing demand for narrative-driven storytelling that resonates with audiences across platforms.

The creator of “Influence,” Thomas Martin, drew inspiration from a friend’s personal struggle with loss and the fear of losing status in the eyes of his family. This intimate exploration of identity and the pressures of societal expectations adds depth to the narrative of Andrew Cosgrove and his quest for redemption.

“Influence” promises to be a thought-provoking and thrilling series that sheds light on the complexities of modern-day influencers and the personal sacrifices they make in pursuit of success. With a talented team behind the project and a compelling storyline that taps into universal themes, this show is poised to captivate audiences worldwide.


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