The Dark Side of Cabaret: Boozy Behavior Leads to Theatergoer Frustration

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The atmosphere at Broadway’s Cabaret show is sizzling with excitement, but it seems that the booze is flowing a little too freely for some theatergoers. The 75-minute “prologue” offered before the show, where dancers perform in the “Kit Kat Club” bar area of the August Wilson Theater while attendees enjoy drinks, has been leading to some unruly behavior among tipsy guests.

One Reddit user complained about a fellow audience member who was incredibly drunk, causing disruptions throughout the show. From getting up multiple times to clinking around ice cubes, it’s clear that excessive drinking is affecting the overall experience for some attendees. When confronted about their behavior, the drunk patron responded aggressively, leaving others feeling uncomfortable and frustrated.

Security at the theater has been called into action multiple times due to the behavior of over-served individuals. From shouting matches to disruptive actions, it seems that managing the audience has become a challenge for the staff. It’s important for theaters to strike a balance between providing a lively atmosphere and ensuring that all patrons can enjoy the show without being disturbed by others.

In addition to issues caused by excessive drinking, theatergoers have also complained about cell phones going off during the show. This adds another layer of distraction to an already challenging situation. While some try to make light of the situation by joking about famous incidents involving audience members and cell phones, it’s clear that these distractions can take away from the overall theater experience.

While many people still express their love for the show itself, it’s important to address the negative impact of excessive drinking on the overall theater experience. Audience members should be able to enjoy the performance without feeling uncomfortable or disturbed by the behavior of others. By addressing these issues and finding ways to manage unruly guests, theaters can ensure that everyone has a positive and memorable experience at Broadway’s Cabaret.


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