The Dark Secrets of Millionaire Real Estate Broker Oren Alexander

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The recent lawsuits filed against Oren Alexander and his twin brother Alon have shed light on some dark secrets of the real estate broker. According to a source, Oren would allegedly carry drugs to ply women at parties, although he himself did not use the substances. These accusations have raised serious concerns about the behavior of the brothers, especially regarding their treatment of women at events hosted by Sir Ivan Wilzig.

One of the lawsuits filed against the Alexander brothers accuses them of taking turns raping a woman at Sir Ivan Wilzig’s Hamptons “castle” in 2012. The lawsuit also mentions an incident involving the brothers allegedly drugging a woman at a Meatpacking District club in 2010 before taking her home to rape her. These disturbing allegations paint a troubling picture of the brothers’ behavior towards women.

According to sources, the Alexanders were regular attendees at Ivan Wilzig’s notorious parties, known for their X-rated bacchanals. The parties allegedly involved guests getting naked in the pool and heading to an S&M dungeon for the evening. Oren Alexander was reportedly seen carrying cocaine at these events, using it to entice women to accompany them back to Wilzig’s residence.

Despite the mounting allegations against them, the Alexander brothers have denied all claims made in the lawsuits. Their lawyer has stated that they have an extensive collection of evidence that debunks the accusations, including phone records, text messages, and emails. However, since news of the lawsuits broke, around 30 more victims have reportedly come forward with similar claims of rape and assault by the Alexander brothers in various locations.

In light of the scandal involving the Alexander brothers, Ivan Wilzig’s parties have reportedly become less extravagant since 2017. His brother Alan mentioned that the parties now consist of Sunday afternoon barbecues, in contrast to the wild events of the past. Despite the toned-down nature of the parties, the allegations against the brothers have cast a shadow over the reputation of Wilzig’s gatherings.

Describing the scene at Ivan Wilzig’s castle, sources have revealed some intriguing details about the party rules. Guests were reportedly required to strip and wear a sarong before entering the pool, with lockers provided for cell phones and valuables. The dungeon at the castle, known for its unique decor, had a strict rule against any intimate activities taking place inside.

The revelations about Oren Alexander and his brother Alon have shocked many, shedding light on the dark underbelly of the real estate world. With new victims coming forward and ongoing investigations into the brothers’ alleged misconduct, the truth behind the accusations may soon come to light. As the legal proceedings continue, the public waits to see what will unfold in the case of the millionaire real estate broker and his twin brother.


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