The Broadway Box Office Report for the Week Ending May 26, 2024

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The Broadway box office experienced a slight decline last week, with a decrease of about 3% compared to the previous week. The total gross for the first week of the 2024-2025 season was reported at $35,295,405 for a total of 34 productions. However, total attendance also saw a drop of nearly 2% from the previous week, with 287,246 attendees. Despite this decrease, it is worth noting that 91% of the available seats were filled during this period.

Out of the 34 productions, 21 reported a decrease in attendance as they headed into the Memorial Day Weekend holiday. Some productions, such as Mother Play and Cabaret, had to cancel or comp performances, resulting in significant drops in receipts. For example, Mother Play’s cancellation of two shows led to a decrease of $186,154 in receipts, while Cabaret’s fully comped Tuesday performance caused a loss of $243,584.

Despite the overall decline in box office numbers, there were still several productions that stood out as top earners for the week. The Lion King and Wicked remained strong, bringing in $2,220,842 and $2,003,492 respectively. Other notable mentions include Merrily We Roll Along, Hell’s Kitchen, and MJ, all of which grossed over $1.5 million during the week.

Newcomer Home, a Roundabout revival of the Samm-Art Williams play, grossed $99,866 for seven previews and filled 70% of its seats. This production is still finding its footing but shows promise for the upcoming weeks. Season to date, Broadway has grossed $35,295,405 with a total attendance of 287,246, signaling a solid start to the new season despite the minor setbacks in attendance.

While the Broadway box office saw a slight decrease in numbers last week, there were still standout performances from top earners such as The Lion King, Wicked, and Cabaret. The industry continues to navigate challenges in attendance and receipts, but the overall resilience and diversity of productions on Broadway remain a driving force in the entertainment world.

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