The Blair Witch Project Stars Advocate for Residual Payments and Consultation in Reboot

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The stars of The Blair Witch Project, Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard, and Michael Williams, are voicing their concerns and demands after Lionsgate partnered with Blumhouse for a reboot of the iconic horror film. The trio is requesting retroactive and future residual payments for their acting services in the original movie, equivalent to what would have been allotted through SAG-AFTRA if they had proper union or legal representation at the time. Additionally, they are asking for meaningful consultation on any future Blair Witch projects.

Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard, and Michael Williams are not only seeking residuals for their contributions to the original Blair Witch Project but also want to be involved in any future projects that utilize their names or likenesses. They emphasize the importance of being consulted on any reboots, sequels, prequels, toys, games, rides, escape rooms, or other ventures that would involve their association for promotional purposes.

In their statement shared on Facebook, the trio expressed disappointment with the two previous reboots of The Blair Witch Project, noting that neither film had significant creative input from the original team. As the insiders who created the Blair Witch phenomenon and have been attuned to fan preferences for 25 years, they believe their involvement could be a game-changer for the franchise.

Donahue, Leonard, and Williams are also advocating for the creation of “The Blair Witch Grant,” a $60k prize to be awarded to an unknown or aspiring genre filmmaker to assist in making their first feature film. They clarify that this grant is not a development fund and that Lionsgate would not own any rights to the project, ensuring that the recipient retains creative control over their work.

The directors and producers of The Blair Witch Project, including Eduardo Sánchez, Dan Myrick, Gregg Hole, Robin Cowie, and Michael Monello, have also issued a statement in support of the original cast’s contributions. They emphasize the unique role that Donahue, Leonard, and Williams played in defining the authenticity of the film and its lasting impact on audiences worldwide.

Overall, the advocacy efforts of the original stars of The Blair Witch Project highlight the importance of recognizing and compensating actors for their contributions to successful franchises. By advocating for residual payments, consultation on future projects, and support for aspiring filmmakers, Donahue, Leonard, and Williams are seeking to ensure that their legacy is honored and respected in the evolving landscape of Hollywood reboots and remakes.


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