The Anticipated Success of Twisters: A Summer Blockbuster

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With Twisters, the upcoming sequel to the 1996 action movie, poised to hit theaters on July 19, industry experts are forecasting an impressive opening weekend. Initial tracking predicts a start of around $50M, with the lower end of the forecast coming in at $45M. Despite the unpredictability of the current market conditions, factors such as walk-up business and a heat wave are pushing these projections even higher. Distributors always believed that Twisters had the potential to be a summer hit, and it seems like audiences are ready for some thrilling tornado action on the big screen.

In 1996, the first Twisters movie, released by Warner Bros and directed by Jan de Bont, made a strong debut with an opening weekend of $41M. The film went on to earn an impressive $241.7M domestically, solidifying its status as a box office success. This time around, Warner Bros has the international rights for Twisters, indicating the studio’s confidence in the franchise. According to tracking data from Quorum, the primary demographic interested in watching Twisters in theaters consists of men under 35, closely followed by women over 35. While younger women make up the smallest quadrant, overall tracking suggests that the film appeals to a wide audience, positioning it as a three-quadrant hit.

Twisters is helmed by director Lee Isaac Chung and written by Mark L. Smith, showcasing a fresh perspective on the beloved franchise. The original movie was penned by Michael Crichton and Anne-Marie Martin, with production handled by Crichton, Kathleen Kennedy, and Ian Bryce. The combination of experienced filmmakers and new talent promises an exciting cinematic experience for fans of the series. Twisters made a significant impact during the Super Bowl when the trailer was released, garnering over 29M views on social media within the first 24 hours. This impressive viewership indicates a strong interest from audiences and bodes well for the film’s long-term success.

Aside from Twisters, Universal has another big hit on its hands with Illumination’s Despicable Me 4. The animated feature is projected to surpass $100M over the Independence Day holiday, solidifying Universal’s position as a powerhouse in the summer box office race. With a diverse lineup of highly-anticipated releases, it looks like audiences are in for an exciting season at the movies. Twisters and Despicable Me 4 are just the beginning of what promises to be a stellar summer for cinema enthusiasts around the world.

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