The Adaptation of “The Fortunes of Jaded Women” Novel into a TV Series

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Carolyn Huynh’s debut novel, “The Fortunes of Jaded Women,” has been acquired by Universal International Studios (UIS)-owned Heyday Television for adaptation into a TV series. The acquisition of the rights was described as being in a highly competitive situation, showcasing the buzz and interest surrounding the novel. The project is a collaboration between Heyday Television, Universal Television, and a team of talented individuals including writer Carolyn Huynh and playwright Bekah Brunstetter.

The novel delves into the impact of tradition and superstition on modern life, focusing on the curse that has plagued the Duong women for generations. The story begins with ancestor Oanh, who defied societal norms for love and was cursed as a result. The narrative follows Mai Nguyen, Oanh’s descendant, as she navigates the complexities of family, love, and fate. The plot promises a blend of drama, humor, and a touch of the supernatural, making it a compelling choice for television adaptation.

With Carolyn Huynh and Bekah Brunstetter onboard to adapt the novel for television, viewers can expect a fresh and engaging interpretation of the source material. Huynh’s expertise in portraying complex Asian women and Brunstetter’s background in crafting poignant family dramas make them well-suited for this project. The addition of producer Alan Yang further enhances the creative team, ensuring a thoughtful and nuanced approach to bringing the Vietnamese women of “The Fortunes of Jaded Women” to life on screen.

The acquisition of the novel for adaptation adds to Heyday Television’s growing portfolio of projects, demonstrating their commitment to diverse storytelling. The market’s interest in book-to-TV adaptations remains strong, with Heyday’s parent company UIS actively pursuing such opportunities. The involvement of talented writers and producers like Bekah Brunstetter, known for her work on acclaimed series like “This is Us,” further elevates the expectations for the TV adaptation of “The Fortunes of Jaded Women.”

Carolyn Huynh, represented by respected agencies including New Leaf Literary and Range Media Partners, continues to make a mark in the literary and entertainment industry with her upcoming projects. Bekah Brunstetter’s association with prominent agencies like WME and impactful work across various platforms position her as a sought-after talent for television adaptations. Alan Yang’s recent deal with Warner Bros. Television Group adds to his already impressive portfolio, setting the stage for more groundbreaking projects in the future.

The adaptation of Carolyn Huynh’s novel “The Fortunes of Jaded Women” into a TV series holds immense promise due to its captivating storyline, talented creative team, and the industry’s growing interest in diverse narratives. Viewers can anticipate a compelling and unique portrayal of Vietnamese women grappling with tradition, love, and destiny, brought to life by a team of visionary storytellers.


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