Sonny Ellis Bextor’s Decision: Moving in with Grandma

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Sonny Ellis Bextor, the 20-year-old son of singer Sophie Ellis Bextor and her husband Richard Jones, recently opened up about his decision to move in with his grandmother, Janet Ellis. He explained that as he approached the end of his school education, he felt the need for more space. Living with four siblings, three of whom shared a room, Sonny found it difficult to find quiet time at home. He mentioned that the only time the house was peaceful was when everyone was in bed, prompting him to consider moving in with his grandmother for a change of environment.

A Second Home

Despite moving in with his grandmother, Sonny expressed that it hasn’t been a significant change for him as he has been visiting her throughout his life, and her house has always felt like a second home. He also mentioned that his parents and siblings visit him frequently, making the transition smoother. Sonny highlighted that there are no specific house rules at his grandmother’s place, but he helps out with tasks like laundry and washing up, contributing to the household in his own way.

In terms of his future plans, Sonny admitted uncertainty about how long he will stay at his grandmother’s place. He mentioned that if he were to move out, he would prefer to live in a nice but potentially expensive location. However, he acknowledged that he would miss the comfort of home and his close relationship with his grandmother. Expressing their bond, Sonny emphasized that they have always been close but have grown even closer since he moved in.

Family Support and Dynamics

Former Blue Peter presenter Janet Ellis, Sonny’s grandmother, revealed that the idea for him to move in with her came from Sophie, his mother. She explained that while there was no rift at home, the five-bedroom house felt empty following the passing of her husband in 2020. Sophie, who shares five children with her husband Richard Jones, expressed her love for the chaos of big family life in a previous interview. She mentioned how the house was always bustling with activity, with one child running around and another bringing friends over.

Sophie shared her perspective on Sonny’s move, highlighting that her oldest son’s decision to live with her mother, just 10 minutes away, felt wholesome. She acknowledged that having five children was a lot to handle but embraced the lively atmosphere that came with it. Sophie’s supportive approach to Sonny’s relocation showcased the strong family bond and open communication within the Ellis Bextor family.

Sonny Ellis Bextor’s decision to move in with his grandmother Janet Ellis was driven by his need for personal space and a change of environment as he transitioned from school to adulthood. The family dynamics and support system around Sonny’s decision reflected a sense of understanding and love within the Ellis Bextor family. As he navigates his future plans and aspirations, Sonny’s relationship with his grandmother and the rest of his family remains a central pillar of support and comfort in his life.


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