Sia Ends Financial Support for Survivor Contestants

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In a surprising turn of events, pop singer/songwriter Sia has decided to bring an end to her tradition of awarding money to her favorite Survivor contestants. After eight years, 14 seasons, and over $1,000,000 awarded, the Sia Prize is officially being discontinued. Host Jeff Probst made the announcement just two days after the end of Survivor’s 46th season, leaving fans and contestants alike shocked by the news.

Sia’s tradition began in 2016 during the live finale of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng – Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty. Tai Trang’s commitment to protecting a chicken from being eaten caught Sia’s attention, prompting her to award him $50,000 of her own money. This act of generosity set the stage for Sia’s ongoing support of Survivor contestants over the years. However, this unique relationship between a pop star and a TV show has now come to a triumphant end.

Despite the end of the Sia Prize, Sia’s legacy lives on through the 19 players who have been recipients of her financial support. Contestants like Rick Devens, Elaine Stott, and Janet Carbin have each received $100,000 from Sia, while others were awarded various amounts of money for their contributions to the game. The impact of Sia’s generosity on these players cannot be understated, as many have expressed their gratitude for her support.

Jeff Probst, the host of Survivor, has expressed his deep appreciation for Sia’s involvement with the show. He considers her to be a Superfan of Survivor and is honored to have had such a unique association with her over the years. Probst’s acknowledgment of Sia’s contribution to the Survivor community reflects the sentiment shared by many fans who have witnessed her impact on the show.

While the end of the Sia Prize marks a significant change for Survivor contestants, it also serves as a reminder of the generosity and kindness that can be found in unexpected places. Sia’s decision to support players with her own money has left a lasting impression on the Survivor community, and her legacy will continue to be remembered by those who have been touched by her generosity.


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