Revolutionizing Danish Television: Piv Bernth and the Comedy-Drama Genre

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Piv Bernth, a prominent figure in the Nordic Noir genre, is making a bold departure from her previous work with a new comedy-drama series titled Feelings & Things. This new project, set in a shopping mall, marks a significant shift in Bernth’s storytelling style and promises to bring a fresh perspective to Danish television.

For Feelings & Things, Bernth has teamed up once again with writers and actresses Ditte Hansen and Louise Mieritz. Known for their work on the comedy series Chorus Girls, Hansen and Mieritz bring their unique voice and sense of humor to this new project. Their collaboration with Bernth has already yielded successful results in the past, and their creative synergy is sure to shine through in Feelings & Things.

The premise of Feelings & Things centers around the employees of various shops within the shopping mall. As they face challenges and obstacles in their daily lives, they come together as a group and seek the help of a less-than-qualified psychologist. Through humor and camaraderie, the series aims to deliver a message of strength in unity, much like the theme of Chorus Girls.

Hansen and Mieritz, known for their advocacy for better representation of women in storytelling, are taking on multiple roles in Feelings & Things. As writers, directors, and actors, they are breaking barriers and creating opportunities for themselves in an industry that often overlooks women over a certain age. Their commitment to telling authentic and engaging stories about women is truly commendable.

Apple Tree Productions, backed by ITV Studios, has high hopes for Feelings & Things. With a treatment and series arc already in place, the team is gearing up to start production on the series next year. While TV2 is likely to be the domestic broadcaster for the show, Apple Tree is also actively seeking international coproduction partners to further expand the reach of the series.

Piv Bernth’s foray into the comedy-drama genre with Feelings & Things is a testament to her versatility as a producer and storyteller. With the combined talents of Bernth, Hansen, and Mieritz, this new series has the potential to redefine Danish television and pave the way for more diverse and inclusive storytelling in the industry.


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