Revolutionizing Classic Animation: Introducing MeTV Toons

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Weigel Broadcasting Co. recently made a groundbreaking announcement with the launch of MeTV Toons, a national television network dedicated exclusively to classic animation. This collaboration between Warner Bros. Discovery and Weigel is set to bring a plethora of beloved cartoon characters back to our screens. From Bugs Bunny to Scooby Doo to Yogi Bear, MeTV Toons will showcase iconic favorites that have shaped the world of animation.

A Stellar Lineup

Warner Bros. properties will take the spotlight on MeTV Toons, but that’s not all. The network will also feature characters like Woody Woodpecker, Casper, and Betty Boop, among others. With a diverse range of classic cartoons, MeTV Toons promises to be a treasure trove for animation enthusiasts of all ages.

Multi-Platform Distribution

MeTV Toons will be available for multi-platform distribution, ensuring that viewers can access their favorite cartoons through various mediums. Whether it’s over-the-air broadcast television, traditional MVPD’s, or virtual MVPD’s, MeTV Toons aims to reach a wide audience. Additionally, the network will offer a complimentary streaming service for those who prefer to watch their favorite cartoons online.

Neal Sabin, vice-chairman of Weigel Broadcasting Co., expressed his excitement about working with Warner Bros. Discovery on this project. He highlighted the significance of bringing together a collection of the world’s best-known classic cartoons and creating a new destination for fans to enjoy timeless animated content. The collaboration between Weigel and Warner Bros. Discovery signifies a new chapter in the world of classic animation.

MeTV Toons has enlisted the expertise of animation author and historian Jerry Beck, as well as character voice actor Bob Bergen. Beck, known for his work on American animation and classic characters, will be involved in producing original content for the network. Meanwhile, Bergen, a seasoned voice actor with a host of iconic Warner Bros. characters to his name, will serve as the signature voice of MeTV Toons, bringing the brand to life with his announcing skills.

A Promising Future

With the launch of MeTV Toons scheduled for June 25, 2024, the network is poised to become a leading destination for classic animation enthusiasts. Beck assured fans that MeTV Toons is not just another channel like Boomerang, but a game-changer in the world of animation. He emphasized the vast potential of the network, which will not only feature Warner Bros. classics but also delve into the archives of other major studios, promising a rich and diverse viewing experience for audiences.

One of the key promises of MeTV Toons is its dedication to preserving and showcasing classic animation. Beck assured viewers that the network has no plans to produce new animation, instead focusing on reviving timeless classics that may have been out of circulation for decades. By tapping into the extensive libraries of studios like Sony and Universal, MeTV Toons aims to bring back beloved characters and TV shows that hold a special place in the hearts of fans.

MeTV Toons represents a new chapter in the world of classic animation, offering a platform for viewers to rediscover the magic of timeless cartoons. With a stellar lineup of characters, multi-platform distribution, and a team of industry experts at the helm, MeTV Toons is set to revolutionize the way we experience and appreciate classic animation. Get ready to tune in and embark on a nostalgic journey through the golden era of cartoons with MeTV Toons.


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