Reflecting on the Controversial Saga of Myka Stauffer and the Adoption of Huxley

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Myka Stauffer, a former prominent YouTuber known for her family vlogs with husband James, has vanished from social media since June 24, 2020. Both her personal YouTube channel and the family’s channel, The Stauffer Life, have been taken down. Meanwhile, James’ “Stauffer Garage” channel continues to be active, focusing solely on car flipping, detailing, and cleaning. This abrupt hiatus came after a highly publicized incident in 2020 where the couple faced significant criticism for rehoming their adopted son, Huxley, due to challenges in meeting his special needs.

Huxley, who was adopted by the Stauffers from China at the age of 2½, has been renamed by his new family after being taken in by them following his adoption dissolution by the Stauffers. The decision to seek adoption dissolution came two years after Huxley joined their family, as they claimed they were incapable of dealing with his disabilities that they alleged were not fully disclosed during the adoption process. Myka took to Instagram for her final post, expressing profound regret and accepting full responsibility for the pain their decision had caused.

In a statement issued in May 2020, the couple’s lawyers, Thomas Taneff and Taylor Sayers, emphasized their primary objective to “provide Huxley with the best possible treatment and care.” The legal team mentioned that after consulting with numerous healthcare and educational professionals, it was advised that it might be best for Huxley to be with a family better equipped to handle his needs. They clarified that the advice was not about placing Huxley in the foster system but about picking a family capable of addressing his requirements.

Recently, Vox Media Studios released a docuseries titled An Update on Our Family, which revisits the viral scandal inspired by New York Magazine’s feature in 2020. The three-part series delves into the emotional and psychological impact of the decision on the Stauffer family, shedding light on the complexities and challenges they faced. It also addresses the public backlash and offers a nuanced perspective on the adoption and its aftermath, revealing the toll it took on the family and the varied reactions from the public.

Despite being met with sharp criticism, Myka and James stood by their decision, asserting that it was made with Huxley’s best interests in mind. The public reaction to the controversy was mixed, with some expressing support and empathy for the couple’s difficult choice, while others condemned their actions, stating that they should not have given up on a child in such a manner. Myka and James maintained that they did their best and expressed their sorrow over the outcome, emphasizing their enduring love for Huxley.

Following the scandal, Myka and James retreated from the public eye to focus on their family and personal lives. James concentrated on his “Stauffer Garage” channel, which garnered a loyal following. Myka hinted at the possibility of sharing more of her story in the future, expressing her desire to heal and spend time with her family. The entire experience has evidently left a lasting impact on the Stauffer family, prompting introspection and contemplation about the future.

The saga of Myka Stauffer and the adoption of Huxley remains a poignant reminder of the complexities and challenges that families face when dealing with special needs and adoption. It serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of transparency, empathy, and understanding in such situations, highlighting the need for compassion and support for families navigating difficult circumstances. Myka’s journey underscores the significance of self-reflection, growth, and resilience in the face of adversity.


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