Rapper Bia Takes Shots at Cardi B in New Diss Track

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In the latest rap feud to hit the headlines, rapper Bia did not hold back in her diss track aimed at Cardi B. In the untitled track shared on Instagram, Bia accused Cardi B of being unaware of her husband Offset’s infidelity, claiming that he had cheated on her in their own home. The lyrics painted a picture of betrayal and deceit, questioning Cardi’s loyalty and integrity. Bia also took aim at Cardi’s music career, suggesting that she does not write her own music and has basic speaking skills.

Following the release of the diss track, Cardi B responded on Instagram Live, threatening to take legal action against Bia. She demanded concrete evidence to support the claims made in the song, warning that she would pursue legal action to the fullest extent. The tension between the two artists escalated, with Cardi vowing to protect her reputation and take a stand against the accusations.

History of Conflict

The rivalry between Bia and Cardi B dates back to earlier this year when Bia accused Cardi of copying her music and fashion style. This sparked a series of back-and-forth jabs between the two artists, culminating in the release of diss tracks and public statements. Cardi’s response in the “Wanna Be (Remix)” addressed Bia directly, dismissing her claims and asserting her dominance in the industry.

Amidst the ongoing feud, Cardi B recently reconciled with her husband Offset after a public split in December of the previous year. The couple, who share two children together, have been navigating the ups and downs of their relationship in the spotlight. Despite the personal challenges they have faced, Cardi and Offset seem committed to working through their differences and moving forward as a family.

The feud between Bia and Cardi B has captured the attention of fans and music industry insiders alike. The diss track and subsequent social media exchanges have brought the simmering tensions between the two artists to a boiling point. As the drama continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how both Bia and Cardi B will navigate the fallout and whether they can find common ground amidst the controversy.


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