Phoebe Gates Graduates from Stanford University in Impressive Fashion

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Phoebe Gates, the daughter of Bill Gates and Melinda French, recently celebrated her graduation from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology. What makes her achievement even more impressive is the fact that she completed her college career in just three years, graduating early to fulfill a sentimental dream of watching her mother deliver the commencement speech for the 2024 graduating class.

On her graduation day, Phoebe was surrounded by her loved ones, including her parents, her boyfriend Arthur, and her childhood best friend Izzy. Following the ceremony, they all gathered for a party hosted by Phoebe, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Phoebe expressed her gratitude for the time spent with family and friends to celebrate this significant milestone in her life.

Family Support

Despite the challenges that come with being the daughter of two high-profile individuals, Phoebe feels blessed to have her parents’ unwavering support. Both Bill Gates and Melinda French were in attendance at her graduation, with Bill delivering some comedic relief and showcasing his dance moves. Phoebe expressed her appreciation for her parents’ presence on such a momentous day.

Future Endeavors

Now that college is behind her, Phoebe is focusing on further developing her fashion venture, Phia, which she founded with her best friend Sophia Kianni. Their collaboration with British designer Stella McCartney for a limited edition capsule bag collection in support of the Women’s Tennis Association was just the beginning. Phoebe teased about the upcoming launch of Phia this year, promising to share more behind-the-scenes insights on their Instagram and TikTok accounts.

As Phoebe embarks on her post-graduation journey, she is eager to see where her passion for fashion and entrepreneurship will take her. With the support of her family and friends, she is confident in the success of her new venture, Phia, and is excited to share more about its innovative approach to digital fashion. As she continues to follow her dreams, Phoebe remains grateful for the opportunities and experiences that have shaped her into the person she is today.


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