Peter Andre and Emily Reveal Baby Arabella’s Adorable Nicknames

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Peter Andre and his wife Emily had a tough time deciding on a name for their newborn daughter Arabella. Despite this, they have come up with several charming nicknames for the little one. Recently, Peter revealed the latest nickname in a heartwarming post on social media.

In the post, Peter shared a video of his wife Emily cradling baby Arabella affectionately. The clip showed the baby observing other children playing with water balloons. Arabella was dressed in a vibrant feather-patterned sleepsuit, which is available for purchase from Fred and Noah.

The couple, who tied the knot in 2015, faced difficulties in finalizing a name for their daughter. It took them up to a month to settle on “Arabella Rose Andréa.” Initially, Peter would refer to her as “bubba” when talking about her.

Peter expressed his love for his daughter by sharing her name on Instagram along with adorable photos. He praised his wife Emily for choosing a beautiful name for their baby girl, emphasizing how perfect Arabella is to him.

Since Arabella’s arrival on April 2nd, the new parents have been immersed in a bubble of happiness. Peter announced the birth on social media, expressing his joy and gratitude for the healthy baby girl. He also mentioned the overwhelming love and affection their other children have shown towards their newborn sister.

Peter thanked the medical staff at Musgrove Park Hospital Taunton and Emily’s parents for their incredible support during the birth of Arabella. He expressed his happiness and appreciation for everyone involved in the process.

Peter and Emily are devoted parents to their three children, Amelia, Theo, and Arabella. Additionally, Peter shares two older children, Junior and Princess, with his ex-wife Katie Price. The family dynamic consists of love, care, and support for one another.

Overall, Peter Andre and Emily have embraced the challenges and joys of parenthood with the arrival of their daughter Arabella. The process of choosing the perfect name, the love and support from family and friends, and the overwhelming emotions of welcoming a new life into the world have enriched their lives in a profound way. The couple’s journey into parenthood continues to be filled with love, laughter, and cherished moments with their growing family.


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