Nicole Brown Simpson’s Sisters Advocate Against Domestic Violence

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Nicole Brown Simpson’s sisters, Denise, Dominique, and Tanya, are dedicated to continuing Nicole’s legacy by raising awareness about domestic violence. They recently spoke at the Variety Power of Women event in NYC, where Denise emphasized the impact of losing Nicole almost 30 years ago. Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman were tragically murdered in 1994, highlighting the devastating consequences of domestic abuse.

Denise shared how Nicole endured immense pain but was able to protect her children by walking away from her abuser. As daughters, sisters, mothers, and friends, Nicole’s sisters are committed to speaking out against domestic violence and supporting other women in similar situations. Their participation in a new documentary series about Nicole’s life aims to amplify her voice and highlight the importance of recognizing and addressing domestic abuse.

Denise also discussed her involvement in passing the Violence Against Women Act, underscoring her dedication to advocating for legislative change to protect women from domestic violence. The Simpson case, known as “the trial of the century,” has resurfaced in the media following O.J. Simpson’s recent passing, sparking renewed conversations about the impact of domestic violence and the need for continued advocacy.

The event also honored notable figures such as producer Shonda Rhimes, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” star Mariska Hargitay, singer Anitta, and comedian Amy Schumer for their contributions to raising awareness about important social issues. Guests at the event included renowned personalities like Glenn Close, Nicky Hilton, Tamron Hall, and Melissa Joan Hart, showcasing the widespread support for advocacy against domestic violence.

Overall, Nicole Brown Simpson’s sisters are actively working to honor her memory and advocate for change in the fight against domestic violence. Their commitment to raising awareness, supporting survivors, and pushing for legislative action demonstrates the profound impact of Nicole’s legacy and the ongoing need for advocacy in combating domestic abuse.


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