Minnie Driver Shares Candid Thoughts on Trump’s Potential Return to White House

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Minnie Driver recently expressed her concerns about the possibility of Donald Trump returning to the White House. The UK actress, who has been residing in Los Angeles for 27 years but recently moved back to the UK, stated that she would find it challenging to live in an American Republican state if Trump were to be reelected.

In a candid interview with The Times of London, Driver did not hold back on her criticisms of the former president and his followers. She stated that Trump deserves to be in prison, especially given the recent conviction. Driver also emphasized the significant amount of money raised to support Trump, raising questions about the American people’s choices.

Driver raised concerns about the political landscape in the US, mentioning the revelation of a considerable number of people who support racist attitudes and divisive policies. She referred to Trump as a symptom of deeper issues in American society, rather than the sole problem.

When asked about the political situation in the UK, Driver made a humorous comparison, stating that “At least the memes are funnier.” Despite the lighthearted remark, it is evident that she sees significant differences between the political climates of the two countries.

Aside from her political views, Driver also shared information about her upcoming project. She is set to appear as Elizabeth I in The Serpent Queen, with Season Two premiering on the Prime Video channel MGM+ on July 12. This news adds a professional dimension to Driver’s outspokenness on political issues.

Overall, Minnie Driver’s recent comments shed light on her deep concerns about the potential ramifications of Trump’s return to power, as well as her broader views on the American political landscape and societal divisions. Her willingness to speak candidly about these issues reflects a sense of responsibility and engagement with the world around her.


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