Michael Kassan Introduces 3C Ventures: A New Venture in the Media Landscape

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Entrepreneur Michael Kassan recently hosted a lavish cocktail party in the South of France to unveil his latest venture, 3C Ventures. This event marked a significant milestone for Kassan, who is known for his previous company, Medialink. However, his departure from Medialink led to a legal dispute with United Talent Agency, the company that acquired Medialink. Despite the ongoing legal battle, Kassan seemed enthusiastic about the prospects of his new endeavor.

The cocktail party took place at the prestigious Champagne Bar at the Hotel du Cap in Antibes, France. Interestingly, the event coincided with a soirée hosted by Medialink and iHeartMedia in the Grill restaurant below, where renowned artist Lenny Kravitz entertained VIP guests. The juxtaposition of these two events was not lost on Kassan, who acknowledged the irony of the situation.

Kassan’s Reflection on Cannes

In a candid interview with Page Six during the party, Kassan shared his thoughts on Cannes and its significance in the business world. He emphasized his role in shaping the Cannes conference, stating, “I wrote the business plan for how you use Cannes. I transformed the conference. It’s an important place for me.” Kassan’s deep connection to Cannes made the unveiling of 3C Ventures at the Hotel du Cap even more meaningful for him.

3C Ventures is a consultancy firm founded by Kassan, following the success of his previous company. However, Kassan described 3C Ventures as a “higher level” version of his prior firm, focusing on assisting brands in navigating the complex media landscape. The company’s name, 3C, represents the three key areas of focus: Consulting, convening, and co-investing. With an impressive client portfolio and a growing waitlist, 3C Ventures is poised to make a significant impact in the industry.

Michael Kassan’s introduction of 3C Ventures marks a new chapter in his entrepreneurial journey. Despite the challenges he faced with his previous company, Kassan’s unwavering determination and vision have led to the creation of a promising consultancy firm. As 3C Ventures continues to grow and evolve, it will be interesting to see how Kassan’s expertise and leadership shape the future of the media landscape.


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