Martin Starger: A Legacy in Film and Television

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Martin Starger, a legendary producer in the film industry, was born on May 8, 1932, to Rose and Isidore Starger of the Bronx, New York. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Motion Picture Techniques from City College, graduating with honors. His exceptional talent and dedication to his craft earned him a spot in Phi Beta Kappa during his time as a student.

After being drafted into Army service in 1953, Starger was assigned to the Signal Corps Motion Picture Location. During his time in the Army, he honed his skills as a motion picture photographer while working at the Signal Corps Pictorial Center in Hawaii. Starger wrote, directed, photographed, and edited various films for television, the Dept. of Defense, and newsreels, showcasing his versatility and talent in the industry.

Rise to Prominence at ABC

Following his time in the Army, Starger began his career in New York at the advertising agency BBDO before transitioning to the ABC television network. He rose through the ranks to become vice president of programs from 1969-1972. In 1972, Starger was named the first president of ABC Entertainment, a newly created position. Under his leadership, ABC flourished, bringing hit projects like Roots, Happy Days, and Rich Man, Poor Man to television audiences.

After making a significant impact at ABC, Starger expanded his career into the world of film and theater. He played a crucial role in producing notable films such as Nashville, Autumn Sonata, and Sophie’s Choice. Starger’s passion for storytelling and commitment to quality projects set him apart in the industry.

Martin Starger’s legacy in film and television remains unparalleled. His eye for compelling projects, dedication to elevating storytelling, and creative vision continue to inspire generations of filmmakers and producers. Starger’s influence can be seen in the timeless classics he helped bring to life on screen, solidifying his reputation as a trailblazer in the entertainment industry.

Martin Starger’s contributions to the world of film and television will forever be remembered. His remarkable career, from his early days in the Army to his groundbreaking work at ABC and beyond, serves as a testament to his talent, passion, and enduring legacy in the industry.


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