Madonna’s Iconic Celebration Tour Makes a Stop in Mexico

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The final show of Madonna’s Celebration Tour in Mexico was one for the books, as the iconic pop star invited Salma Hayek to join her live on stage. Salma, dressed as the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, appeared as the guest judge for the Vogue ballroom competition portion of the show. This unforgettable night was captured in a carousel of pictures and videos on Salma’s Instagram, where she expressed her gratitude for being a part of Madonna’s celebration.

Madonna’s Connection to Mexico

During her performance of ‘Burning Up’, Madonna shared with the Mexican crowds her deep connection to Mexico and how she discovered Frida Kahlo as a young girl. Madonna visited the only museum that existed in Detroit and was immediately captivated by a small picture of a beautiful woman with intense eyes. This encounter sparked Madonna’s admiration for Frida Kahlo and laid the foundation for her long history with Mexico.

Before kicking off her tour, Madonna had the opportunity to meet with the Kahlo family at their home in the neighborhood of El Pedregal. In the family’s guest book, Madonna expressed her admiration for Frida Kahlo and shared that she considered Frida her “soulmate”. This meeting emphasized Madonna’s deep appreciation for the Mexican painter and set the stage for her iconic celebration tour.

Aside from Salma Hayek, Madonna also welcomed Mexican comedian Guillermo Rodriguez and Cuban actor Alberto Guerra at her shows in Mexico. These special guests added an extra layer of excitement to Madonna’s already sensational tour, creating memories that will last a lifetime for both the guests and the audience.

Madonna’s Health Scare

Madonna’s Celebration Tour came after a long delay due to a devastating bacterial infection that landed her in the ICU. Her manager, Guy Oseary, shared with fans about Madonna’s health scare and reassured everyone that a full recovery is expected. Despite the setback, Madonna’s resilience and determination to continue her tour impressed fans around the world.

Madonna’s Celebration Tour in Mexico was a night to remember, filled with special guests, iconic performances, and a deep connection to Mexican culture. Salma Hayek’s appearance as Frida Kahlo added a touch of magic to the show, while Madonna’s health scare served as a reminder of her strength and determination. As Madonna continues to captivate audiences around the world, her iconic status in the music industry remains unshaken.


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