Lorraine Kelly’s Daughter Rosie Kelly Announces Engagement and Pregnancy!

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Rosie Kelly, daughter of TV presenter Lorraine Kelly, took to social media to announce her engagement to boyfriend Steve White. She shared the exciting news with a series of stunning photos showcasing her beautiful engagement ring. It seems that Steve proposed while the couple was on vacation, surrounded by picturesque sea views and towering palm trees. In her caption, Rosie expressed her overwhelming joy and gratitude, thanking her fiancé and the jeweler who helped design the ring.

Lorraine Kelly, Rosie’s mother, was quick to share her excitement and congratulations in the comments section of the post. Other celebrities, such as Christine Lampard, also joined in to send their best wishes to the happy couple. The engagement news was met with an outpouring of love and support from followers, who couldn’t help but admire Rosie’s stunning ring and elegant attire in the photos.

In addition to her engagement, Rosie also revealed that she is expecting a baby girl. This delightful news follows her previous announcement of her pregnancy in an exclusive interview with HELLO! magazine. Rosie’s pregnancy has brought immense joy to her family, with Lorraine expressing her excitement at becoming a grandmother. She shared a heartwarming moment of feeling the baby kick for the first time, making the impending arrival of her granddaughter all the more real and special.

The combination of Rosie’s engagement and pregnancy news has brought a wave of happiness and celebration to her family and friends. The photos shared by Rosie capture a moment of pure bliss and anticipation, as she embarks on this new chapter of her life with her soon-to-be husband and daughter. The love and support from her loved ones, as well as fans and followers, highlight the joyous occasion and the start of a beautiful journey ahead.

As Rosie Kelly prepares for her upcoming wedding and the arrival of her baby girl, she is met with an abundance of love and well-wishes from those around her. The engagement ring symbolizes the beginning of a lifelong commitment, while the baby bump represents the start of a new family. With Lorraine Kelly by her side, supporting and sharing in her daughter’s happiness, Rosie looks towards the future with excitement and anticipation for the wonderful moments that lie ahead.


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