Legal Battle Between Tracy Anderson and Megan Roup Continues

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The ongoing legal battle between celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson and her former employee-turned-rival, Megan Roup, has taken a new turn as a court dismissed claims of copyright infringement in Anderson’s lawsuit against Roup. Roup, who left Anderson to create the popular Sculpt Society, is celebrating this victory as a win for the fitness industry overall. However, there is still a remaining claim of breach of contract that is set to go to trial unless a settlement is reached.

Megan Roup, a former employee of Tracy Anderson, worked for Anderson from 2011 until 2017 before starting her online-based workout program, Sculpt Society. Anderson filed a lawsuit in July 2022 against Roup for alleged copyright infringement, breach of contract, false advertising, and other claims. Despite Roup’s legal victory in dismissing the false advertising claim last September, the legal battle between the two fitness trainers continues.

Roup’s lawyer, Nathaniel Birch, hails the court’s decision to reject Tracy Anderson’s copyright claim, stating that the TA Method is not copyrightable. He emphasizes that no one owns physical exercise or dance cardio, and this ruling benefits not only Roup but the entire fitness industry. Birch looks forward to prevailing on the remaining claims at trial and defending Roup’s rights against Anderson’s allegations.

Despite this setback, Tracy Anderson remains steadfast in her pursuit of protecting her art form that she has built over decades of research, development, testing, and investment. Her lawyer, Gina Durham of DLA Piper, asserts that Anderson seeks to vindicate her rights against Roup and the Sculpt Society, who have allegedly capitalized on her hard work without permission. Durham highlights that the specific choreographic works registered with the Copyright Office by Anderson have not been fully analyzed in the latest court decision, and they will continue to pursue protection under the law.

As the legal battle between Tracy Anderson and Megan Roup continues, both sides are gearing up for a trial to settle the remaining claims of breach of contract. The outcome of this legal dispute will not only impact the two fitness trainers but may also set a precedent for copyright protection within the fitness industry. Both Anderson and Roup are determined to defend their respective rights and business interests in this high-stakes legal showdown.

The legal battle between Tracy Anderson and Megan Roup serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting intellectual property rights in the competitive world of fitness and wellness. As the case heads to trial, the fitness industry watches closely to see how this dispute will shape the future of copyright law in relation to exercise routines and choreographic works.


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