James Middleton’s Love for Dogs and Family Home

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James Middleton, the brother of Princess Kate, is not only a dedicated dad to his son Inigo but also a loving dog owner to his pack of five family dogs. His affection for his furry companions is evident in a recent video posted on the official Instagram account for Ella & Co, his dog food and lifestyle company. In the video, Inka, one of his cocker spaniels, is seen testing out one of the company’s new products, showcasing James’ commitment to his brand and his pets.

James and his wife Alizee Thevent have decided to make a country mansion their forever home, reflecting their love for the countryside. Situated close to his family members, including his sister Pippa Middleton and her husband James Matthews, as well as his parents Carole and Michael Middleton, the sprawling abode offers a perfect setting for their family and pack of dogs to thrive. While a full tour of James’ property is yet to be revealed, glimpses of their country-themed decor can be seen through his social media updates.

The couple has tastefully decorated their home with hardwood furnishings, patterned cushions, and gold lamps, giving it a quintessentially country charm. The impeccable garden complements the interior decor, featuring intricate brickwork, a shallow wall, and a patio area. This outdoor space was beautifully showcased in a series of family photos shared by James, capturing the arrival of his son Inigo last year. The images captured a heartwarming moment of Inigo in his buggy on the patio, surrounded by their loyal pack of dogs.

With his dog food and lifestyle company, James continues to innovate and create products that cater to the needs of pet owners like himself. The new James & Ella Freeze-Dried Raw Topper is a testament to his dedication to providing high-quality and nutritious options for dogs. Packed with raw protein, vitamins, and minerals, this product is designed to add a raw blast of flavor to a dog’s diet, making mealtime a delightful experience for both pets and owners.

James Middleton’s love for dogs and his commitment to his family are reflected in every aspect of his life, from his beautiful country home to his thriving business. His passion for creating a healthy and happy environment for his pets shines through in everything he does, making him a role model for pet owners and animal lovers alike.


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