Ice Cube Gives Update on Fourth “Friday” Movie

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It has been over two decades since the last installment of the popular “Friday” franchise hit the big screen, but fans can rejoice as Ice Cube has confirmed that a fourth movie is in development. The actor and rapper shared the exciting news during an interview on Flavor Flav’s SiriusXM show, revealing that there is finally some progress with Warner Bros.

New Leadership Sparks Renewed Interest

One of the key factors contributing to the revival of the “Friday” franchise is the new leadership at Warner Bros, particularly Mike DeLuca who has a history of working with Ice Cube on previous projects. With DeLuca now at the helm of Warner Bros, there seems to be a newfound enthusiasm for bringing the beloved comedy series back to the big screen.

While Ice Cube expressed his frustration with the delays in getting the fourth “Friday” movie off the ground, he acknowledged the setbacks caused by the unfortunate passing of several key cast members. Despite these challenges, the actor remains hopeful that the project will move forward in the right direction.

One of the main concerns for Ice Cube is ensuring that the fourth “Friday” movie is done justice and lives up to the legacy of its predecessors. He emphasized the need for the project to be handled with care and attention to detail, rather than rushing to capitalize on the franchise’s success.

With the support of Warner Bros and the dedicated team behind the scenes, Ice Cube is optimistic about the future of the “Friday” franchise. While it may have taken longer than expected to get the fourth installment off the ground, the actor remains committed to delivering a quality film that will satisfy fans of the series.

The update provided by Ice Cube on the development of the fourth “Friday” movie is sure to excite fans who have been eagerly anticipating the return of Craig and Smokey to the big screen. With a renewed sense of enthusiasm and a commitment to doing the project justice, it seems that the long-awaited sequel is finally on its way to becoming a reality.


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