High Profile Encounters at Mediaite’s Anniversary Party

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Former CNN executive, Chris Licht, had an awkward near miss with his former anchor, Don Lemon, at Mediaite’s 15th anniversary party. Rumors have it that Licht was responsible for Lemon’s departure from the network before facing his own exit during a shake-up at Warner Bros. Discovery. Although Licht managed to bump into other CNN colleagues at the event, some on-air talent seemed less than thrilled to see him and actively avoided any interactions.

Despite the tension between some CNN personalities and Chris Licht, Mediaite’s celebration saw a surprising amount of camaraderie across different news networks. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Fox News’ Steve Doocy even managed to set aside their network rivalry for the night, engaging in friendly conversations and even posing for photos together. This temporary truce between MSNBC and Fox News was a highlight of the evening, showcasing a sense of unity within the media industry.

The star-studded affair also provided opportunities for former colleagues to reconnect and catch up. Megyn Kelly engaged in a conversation with ex-Fox News co-worker, Julie Banderas, while Bill O’Reilly mingled with CNN anchors. Geraldo Rivera was seen socializing with Sunny Hostin and Jim Acosta, highlighting the diverse mix of media personalities in attendance. The event served as a reunion of sorts, bringing together a variety of industry figures for a night of networking and celebration.

Mediaite founder Dan Abrams and editor-in-chief Aidan McLaughlin presided over the anniversary party, overseeing a night of industry connections and interactions. The event was described as a “media love-in,” emphasizing the positive atmosphere and cross-network comradery that was on display. With guests including Ben Sherwood, Pat Kiernan, Ari Melber, Abby Phillip, Andrew Ross Sorkin, John Berman, and Elie Honig, Mediaite’s anniversary party provided a platform for high-profile encounters and networking opportunities.

Overall, Mediaite’s 15th anniversary party was a testament to the interconnected nature of the media industry, showcasing both the camaraderie and occasional tensions that exist between various news networks and personalities. As the event demonstrated, even in a competitive landscape, moments of unity and connection can arise, bringing together industry figures for a night of celebration and community.


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