Germany National Football Team Survey Condemned as Racist by Players and Coach

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The recent survey conducted by a German state broadcaster regarding the racial composition of the national football team has sparked outrage among players and the coach. Head coach Julian Nagelsmann and midfielder Joshua Kimmich both condemned the poll as racist, with Nagelsmann emphasizing the need to address such issues.

Outrage Over Racist Question

Both Nagelsmann and Kimmich expressed their shock and disapproval of the survey, highlighting the importance of unity and diversity in the national team. Kimmich denounced the question as madness and emphasized the role of football in bringing together individuals from different backgrounds.

Broadcasters Defend Survey

The survey, conducted by ARD, aimed to provide measurable data on the racial makeup of the national team after a reporter faced questions on the topic while filming a documentary. Karl Valks, Sports Director at WDR, defended the survey as an attempt to address the social situation in Germany, acknowledging the importance of sports in promoting integration.

Mixed Heritage in German Euros Squad

The German Euros squad boasts a diverse range of players with mixed heritage, reflecting the multicultural nature of the team. The survey, which included 1,304 randomly selected respondents, found that 21% believed the national team should have more white players, sparking debate on the issue.

In light of the survey results, there have been calls for greater inclusivity and unity in the national team. Both players and the coach have emphasized the need to focus on talent and skill rather than race, highlighting the positive impact of diversity in football.

With the European Champions tournament around the corner, the German national team is gearing up to showcase their talent on the field. Despite the controversy surrounding the survey, the team remains focused on their goal of unity and success in the competition.

The recent survey on the racial composition of the German national football team has sparked important conversations on inclusivity, diversity, and unity in sports. While the survey results have raised concerns, they have also highlighted the need for a more inclusive and welcoming environment in football. As the team prepares for the Euros, the focus remains on talent, skill, and teamwork, regardless of race or background.


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