French Remake of The Baker and the Beauty Set to Begin Filming

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The popular Israeli romantic comedy drama series, The Baker and the Beauty, is about to receive a French makeover on TF1. The lead role will be portrayed by French singer-songwriter, Amir Haddad. The filming for the show is scheduled to commence this week in Paris, bringing a touch of romance and humor to French television screens.

The story revolves around Benjamin Mercier, played by Haddad, a hardworking baker from a family-owned bakery, and Louise Meyer, portrayed by Ludmilla von Claer. They are complete opposites, with Louise being a globetrotting model known for her extravagant lifestyle. Their paths unexpectedly cross in a restaurant restroom, leading to a series of comedic and heartwarming events that turn Benjamin’s life upside down.

Amir Haddad, known for his appearances on The Voice and Eurovision, takes on one of his first major TV roles as Benjamin Mercier. The series will be directed by Hervé Mimran, with a talented team of writers including Caroline Franc, Marion Michau, Jane Rioufol, Léa Lando, and Ichem Saïbi. Banijay France’s Marathon Studio and Terence Films are collaborating to bring this adaptation to life on TF1.

The original Israeli series aired on Channel 12 for three successful seasons from 2013 to 2021, receiving praise from both viewers and critics. Following its popularity, the show was adapted in the U.S. by ABC and in various other countries such as Russia, the Netherlands, and India. Keshet International, the distributor of the series, secured a global deal with Amazon, reaching a wider audience with its universal appeal. Keshet International will also handle the distribution of the French version internationally, highlighting the show’s widespread popularity.

Despite the U.S. adaptation being canceled after one season due to low ratings, the series managed to gather a passionate fanbase who launched a campaign to save the show through petitions and fundraisers. The creator of the original series, Assi Azar, expressed his amazement at the show’s continued success and impact across different continents, showcasing the enduring charm and relatability of the story.

The French remake of The Baker and the Beauty promises to bring a fresh take on the beloved story, with a talented cast and crew working together to capture the essence of the original series. As the filming begins in Paris, audiences can look forward to a delightful blend of romance, humor, and heartwarming moments on TF1.


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