Franchise prequel A Quiet Place: Day One breaks records in previews

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Paramount’s latest installment in the Quiet Place franchise, the prequel A Quiet Place: Day One, has shattered records in its preview night, raking in an impressive $5M-$6M. This figure easily surpasses the $4.3M made by the original movie back in 2018 and the $4.8M earned by Quiet Place: Part II in 2021. While the first two movies were directed by John Krasinski, the prequel is helmed by Pig director Michael Sarnoski. This latest installment offers insight into how the ruthless aliens with hypersensitive hearing arrived on Earth, focusing on New York City. Starring Lupita Nyong’o, Joseph Quinn, Alex Wolff, and Djimon Hounsou, the prequel has garnered positive reviews at 86% certified fresh, although slightly lower than its predecessors.

Initial tracking for A Quiet Place: Day One projected a weekend gross of $40M+, with the potential for frontloading due to its genre appeal. Previous movies in the franchise had their previews account for a significant portion of their opening weekend earnings, with the first movie’s previews representing 23% of its $18.8M Friday haul and the second movie’s previews contributing 25% of its $19.3M Friday earnings. It remains to be seen whether the prequel will follow a similar pattern, but early indications suggest a strong opening weekend performance.

In comparison to other films hitting the box office, Kevin Costner’s Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 1 is projected to bring in $1M-$1.5M, potentially leading to a distribution deal with New Line for a $12M release. This slowburn epic is aimed at an older audience and will likely see its success measured over an extended period rather than a single weekend. Critical reviews for the film are mixed, with a 41% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, placing it above some of Costner’s previous projects but below others. The actor’s track record for western films, such as Open Range, highlights the potential for success in this genre.

Meanwhile, Disney/Pixar’s highly anticipated sequel Inside Out 2 is expected to dominate the box office with a projected $55M-$60M weekend. The film has already crossed the $400M mark in just 13 days, outperforming similar titles like Barbie. With the potential to reach $1 billion globally, Inside Out 2 is poised to join an elite group of films that have achieved this milestone. Directed by Kelsey Mann, the sequel’s success reinforces Disney/Pixar’s stronghold in the animated film industry.

By breaking records in its preview night and generating buzz among audiences and critics alike, A Quiet Place: Day One sets the stage for a successful run at the box office. With a talented cast, compelling storyline, and strong industry comparisons, the prequel is poised to make its mark in the Quiet Place franchise and beyond.

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