Exploring the World of Street Motocross Racing in “Rodeo”

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Studiocanal and The Picture Company have recently acquired the rights to the French film “Rodeo” with a plan to adapt the premise to the U.S. The original film, directed by Lola Quivoron, received critical acclaim and won the Coup de Coeur Jury Award at Cannes in 2022. Inspired by Quivoron’s experiences with the urban dirt bike community in a French city, the film delves into the underground world of street motocross racing.

“Rodeo” is set in the outskirts of Paris and provides a glimpse into the underground passion for bike-life gatherings and racing. The film introduces a young female rider into this heavily male-dominated world as she joins a gang and rises through the ranks. The storyline follows her as she plans a daring heist to test the group’s ambition and skill. Moreover, the film offers an intimate portrayal of a woman navigating through the challenges of finding a sense of family and belonging in a male-centric environment.

Production Details and Cast for the U.S. Remake

The U.S. remake of “Rodeo” will feature a strong role for a young actress and will be produced by The Picture Company under their deal with Studiocanal. Alex Heineman and Andrew Rona are set to produce the film, with Ron Halpern and Shana Eddy overseeing the project. Additionally, Lola Quivoron and Charles Gillibert will serve as Executive Producers for the remake. Quivoron, represented by UTA and Zelig, negotiated the rights for the filmmakers.

Studiocanal has been active in the film industry with recent releases like “Wicked Little Sisters” starring Olivia Colman and Jessie Buckley, as well as Sam Taylor Johnson’s “Amy Winehouse film Back To Black.” They also have “Paddington in Peru” in post-production scheduled for a global release on November 8. On the other hand, The Picture Company and Studiocanal collaborated on the action-comedy hit “Role Play” on Amazon Prime, featuring Kaley Cuoco and David Oyelowo. They are currently in production on “Control,” directed by Robert Schwentke and starring James McAvoy.

Overall, the adaptation of “Rodeo” to the U.S. promises to bring a fresh perspective to the underground world of street motocross racing, with a focus on the challenges faced by a young female protagonist in a male-dominated environment. With a talented team behind the remake, including the original director and producers, audiences can expect an engaging and visually captivating film that explores themes of ambition, skill, and the search for belonging.


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