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Princ Films has recently announced that they will be showcasing Kit Rich’s debut film, ‘Isabel’s Garden’, at the upcoming Marche Du Film in Cannes. The movie stars Karen David as a small-town TV reporter who finds herself navigating the challenges of raising a teenage stepdaughter after the death of her husband. With an ensemble cast including Gabriela Flores, Valery Ortiz, and Manuel Rafael Lozano, ‘Isabel’s Garden’ has already received accolades such as the Poppy Jasper Best Feature Film 2024 at the Poppy Jasper International Film Festival. Igor Princ, the president of Princ Films, expressed excitement about sharing the film with a global audience, highlighting its emotional impact on viewers.

Newen Connect has recently achieved over 100 sales of its popular police procedural series to various territories around the world. Shows like TF1’s ‘Law & Disorder’, ‘Master Crimes’, ‘Mademoiselle Holmes’, and ‘Panda’ have been met with high demand in regions from Latin America to Lithuania. Notably, ‘Law & Disorder’ has secured deals in 41 territories, including areas like Portugal, Poland, and Bulgaria. The SVP of Distribution at Newen Connect, Nadia Chevallard, emphasized the enduring popularity of police procedurals on European television channels, attributing it to their consistent viewer engagement and market demand.

Sheffield DocFest 2024 Focuses on ‘Reflections on Realities’

The Sheffield DocFest has unveiled its theme for the upcoming event in 2024, titled ‘Reflections on Realities’. This thematic focus will include a curated selection of films and discussions centered around topics such as co-resistance, freedom of the press, ancestral lands, and archiving the present. Audiences can anticipate premieres of thought-provoking documentaries like ‘No Other Land’, ‘State of Silence’, ‘Yintah’, and ‘Witnesses: Captivity That Kills’. The festival organizers aim to leverage the transformative power of documentaries to ignite curiosity, engage viewers, and stimulate meaningful conversations. Notable figures like director Kevin Macdonald and Academy Award-winning director Roger Ross Williams are set to be featured at the festival, adding to the excitement surrounding the event.

The Adler Entertainment Trust, a production company dedicated to adapting the literary works of Warren Adler, has revealed plans to publish three new books based on his writings. Among the upcoming releases is ‘Trans Mongolian Express’ by David L.


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