Exploring the Development of a Series Adaptation of Chris Whitaker’s Novel

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UCP has joined forces with Side Naegle, Jenna Bush Hager’s Thousand Voices, and Ali Krug’s Dinner Party Productions to work on a series adaptation of Chris Whitaker’s latest novel, “All the Colors of the Dark.” The project will be adapted by Sarah Gubbins, known for her work in Pam & Tommy and Better Things.

The story unfolds in Monta Clare, Missouri, a small town where an unexpected hero intervenes in the abduction of a teenage girl. Patch, a local boy with one eye who imagines himself as a pirate, saves the girl, but not without consequence. The lives of all those involved in the incident are forever changed, with Patch’s best friend Saint finding himself at a crossroads between triumph and tragedy. As they seek answers, they uncover truths that may jeopardize their bond.

Jenna Bush Hager expressed admiration for Whitaker’s novel, stating, “Chris Whitaker has created a beautiful masterpiece in ‘All the Colors of the Dark.’ This genre-bending book combines small-town America and the deep dedication of friendship inside an epic thriller.” She further expressed excitement about working with Sue Naegle, Ali Krug, and Sarah Gubbins to bring this compelling story to television. Whitaker, too, shared his confidence in the team, mentioning, “As soon as I met with Jenna, Sue, and the UCP team, I knew there was no one I trusted more to adapt this story for the screen.”

Universal Studio Group’s Creative Acquisitions and IP Management team played a key role in securing the rights to the novel for the adaptation. Gubbins, the screenwriter for the project, is represented by UTA and Hansen Jacobson.

The collaboration between UCP, Side Naegle, Thousand Voices, Dinner Party Productions, and the talented individuals involved in the project signals a promising journey towards bringing Chris Whitaker’s captivating narrative to television screens. With a strong storyline and a dedicated team, the series adaptation of “All the Colors of the Dark” is poised to offer viewers a compelling and unforgettable viewing experience.


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